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Acrylics on canvas - 70x120 cm

At first sight, this painting shows a  faceless mass. The eye is caught by the figure in the middle of the painting. A face, almost completey wiped out. Almost vanished, like a soul, leaving the body.

Terrifying. And yet - amidst the chilliness - a certain warmth comes through. Because despite the fact that these figures seem empty, drained, and faceless - they remain strong. Connected with each other (e.g. two figures bottom right), strategically positioned, like pawns on a chessboard. Together, still standing, against all odds. 

Seemingly shielding each other and gathered around the central, struggling figure in the middle. All being held together by something more subtle and strong.

A desire to believe in bravery. Grounded and rooted to the spot. Connected by togetherness.


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