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My name is Elena Gontcharova (07/07/'95) and I am a Belgian/ Russian fine artist and yoga lover.   

Besides English, Dutch and French I also speak fluently Russian, whereas this is my second mother language.


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Fine art

Fine art has always been a huge part of my everyday life. Since 2015 I have been developing my personal and academic skills in the Saint-Lucas Academy of Fine Arts.

I deliberately push myself to experiment and create meaningful artworks that carry out emotions and expression. I would describe my work as a mixture of abstract and figurative art. Each and every work carries its own story. I do not necessarily want you to like my work, but I do want you to feel something. You can read about each one of my artworks here.

I do work on commission for personalised artworks. Feel free to contact me and we will look into it together.

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Yoga, to me, serves a similar purpose as creating art: balancing the mind and spirit. 

A couple of years ago I discovered the power of yoga and it has been a big part of my everyday life ever since. Not only does yoga give me physical satisfaction, it also helps me with achieving emotional and mental balance. Even more than a part of my everyday routine, yoga became a lifestyle for me. Everyday I try to be present in the moment, to live my life consciously and to listen to myself and my own needs.

Besides my weekly yoga classes that I teach, I also organise workshops and master classes in meditation and yoga.

Discover my yoga classes 

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