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The Adoration of Light (Lumos)

Acrylics on canvasboard - 50x70 cm (2022/09)

"The Adoration of Light", also to be referred to as 'Lumos' (*), is a modern-day interpretation of "The Adoration of the Magi" (KMSKA, Antwerp), painted by the Great Peter Paul Rubens. It is a present-day interpretation of the birth of the Holy Christ, a symbol of Light, Love, Hope and Wisdom. 

Due to the abstract nature of this work, the Holy Light is open for individual interpretation, without being religiously or biblically suggestive, and yet, still bearing the same message of Hope, Love and Life.

In this scene, the world is celebrating. Distant fireworks are going off in an early morning sky. The beginning of a new era. Because Light is born. Hope is born. 


At the brightness of dawn, three silhouettes are gathered around a central, shapeless, shining Light. Each of the Three Wise Kings carrying their own symbolic gift to the celebration of Light. Their shining gold silhouettes are, just like the Holy Light,  a reference to the first gift; the 'Gold '-  symbol of wealth and royalty. The vagueness of the figures, seemingly rising from the dust, a reference to the smoke of 'Frankincense' - symbol of priests and prayers, gifted by the Second Wise. Warm brown and yellow ochre tints in the composition, are a reference to the color of 'Myrrh' -  symbol of mortality, gifted by the Third King.

However, far more than a Biblical Scene, this work depicts the origin of Light and Hope, completely pured out. An individual message of Faith in modern times, which for some, may occur in the form of Christ, for others, in a completely different way. Hence, the appearance of the Holy Light has deliberatly been left shapeless. This way keeping it open for interpretation, in a world where Queens are equal to Kings and beliefs should be free.

This work is participating in the Nationale Expo competition.

(*) Lumos - a charm from the Harry Potter series, used to produce a flash of light at the tip of the wand, allowing the caster to see in the dark.  

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