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The Vortex of Life


Acrylics on canvasboard - 50x60 cm

'Here we go, on this rollercoaster life we know. With its crazy highs, and real deep lows. I really don't know why', Danny Vera once sang in his song. And that, it is, life. Unpredictable and magnificent, yet tragic and heartbreaking. With moments that are too much too handle. And moments that are too sweet to let go of. 

This painting represents 'being' as it is. A spinning vortex, sucking you in. Dark and light. Good days and bad days. Joy and tragedy. Like ying and yang. Trying to keep the balance, while walking on a thin chord,  called life. When, in essence, life, like a vortex, cannot be controlled. So truth be spoken, there is only one thing left to do, and that, is to let go and trust the process.


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