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Rain in the city


Oils on canvas - 50x60 cm

A vibrant city on a rainy day. People are hurrying back home from work, trying not to get too wet by the pouring summer rain. 

The summer of 21 has been the wettest summer since 1833 in Belgium. We have seen a lot of rainfall, experienced terrible floods and heavy rainstorms. Having had only 3 official summer days (+25°C) in July.

It got me feeling sad, empty at times. Not due to the lack of sunny days, but due to a nagging and uncomfortagle feeling: fear.

A fear of admitting a very unpleasant, and extremely inconvenient truth - a steady change of climate. And better sooner than later - we, you and me - will have to act and adapt. Shift our mentality as part of our evolution. Because our planet deserves more care, love and respect than we show it. 

 Our little actions will not be the only solution for the climate crisis. However, they are of equal importance. Because they change us as human beings. In evolving towards more conscious and respectful people.  


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