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Charcoal on paper - 75x110 cm

For this portrait I used expressive and dynamic charcoal strokes to create a free and vital look. The look in his eyes is wise and deep. I named this painting "Meneertje", which is a diminutive for "sir" in Dutch.

I made Meneertje during art class a while ago, when we were drawing charcoal portraits of family members. I forgot to bring my own photograph that day, so I borrowed someone else's picture instead. And ended up drawing someone's uncle, dad, granddad, (?)....  

One day I was having a drink in my hometown when I spotted a man who looked júst like meneertje. When I approached him and explained the situation, unfortunately, it wasn't him. However, he turned out te be an artist himself and we ended up having a nice chat. 

I still hope to meet the real 'meneertje' in person on day! 


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