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75 x 55 cm - Frida

black Canson, Japanese paper, white acrylics, charcoal, glue 

I made it when I was going through a painful, lonely and unhappy period. The best way to get trough was by releasing what was inside. Not through anger, but through creativity. It allowed me to clear my head, let go and make the best out of it. The very fun part about this work was the experiment. It's a very interesting collage technique where the white paint shines through the Japanese paper, and creates a dreamy effect. On top of that comes charcoal. 

To me Frida looks down and empty. She stares blindly ahead of her, consumed in her own thoughts. She's not the strong, confident women she usually is. And here I guess my own mood slipped through. But isn't that wonderful? How your own mood can influence the outcome of your work?⠀


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