"FORTUNA" - Donkey Parade 2019


Acrylics on polyester sculpture - real life size donkey

Hand painted real life size donkey for the Donkey Parade 2019. Sponsored by ING Bank Belgium. It was to bee seen near the famous MAS Antwerp museum during the summer of 2019.

Fortuna has a strong, red color. She is powerful, dedicated and confident, just like you have to be in the banking industry. She has yellow/orange finishing details all over her body and you will see a big lion-hed on her right side. The lion head represents the logo of ING Bank, the general sponsor of this donkey. The eye on her right side represents the ability to look forward, to think forward and predict your investments. The almighty eye. On her left side she is covered with some sort of armor, to shield her from outside dangers. 

Customized donkey in this model: € 2.500 

More pictures below:

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