My name is Elena Gontcharova and I am
a Russian/ Belgian all-around creative.
Currently I am working as an online content marketeer at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp (KMSKA).

In 2017 I finished my bacherlor's degree in Communications and pr at the Artesis-Plantijn University College with high distinction (magna cum laude).


That same year I did an Erasmus-exchange to the Solent University in Southampton (UK) where I studied 
Film and Television

In 2019 I obtained my master's degree in Journalism
at the University of Leuven with distincion (cum laude).


I also followed a part-time Visual Arts education at the
St.-Lucas Academy of Visual Arts and a Graphic Design course at the "Center for adult education". 


Besides English, Dutch and French I also speak fluently Russian whereas this is my second mother language. 


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Art has always been a big part of my life. Ever since I was a little child, I have been fascinated by art, aesthetics and beauty. My parents were always very interested in art and culture and so
I was raised visiting museums, exhibitions and hearing stories about famous artists.

This helped me to develop a deep appreciation and fascination for art. I started drawing when I was only a litle child and I continue doing so today. Through my fascination for surrealism and impressionism, I am developing my own style where I am trying to combine realistic figures with abstract and impressionist elements. But most of all, I try to convey a certain feeling, emotion through my paintings. This is where I let go and allow myself to be free.

That, for me, is the central meaning of art.  

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Yoga, to me, serves a simular purpose as creating art:
balancing the mind and spirit. 

A couple of years ago I discovered the beautiful power of yoga and it has been a big part of my everyday life ever since. Not only does yoga give me physical satisfaction, it also gives me emotional and mental balance to achieve all the ambitious goals that I have set up for myself. More than a part of my everyday routine, yoga became a lifestyle for me. Everyday I try to be present in the moment, to live my life consciously and to listen to myself and my own needs.

Recently I decided to share my passion with other people and this is why I started teaching yoga classes. Thanks to my gymnastics experience that I have gained as a competition gymnast, I have learned to control and listen to my body. For a couple of years I have been teaching gymnastics and judging on (international) competitions. Over time my love for gymnastics has found a new form and meaning: yoga.

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© 2019 by Elena Gontcharova

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